Evela About Us


Evela is an Australian skincare company based out of Melbourne, Australia. We aim to use only the best ingredients with our Chilean Rose Hip Oil sourced from the highest quality Rose Hip flowers in the Andes Mountains in Chile.

Founder Robert Elessar was designing a brand identity for some chemists when he discovered Rose Hip Oil and found that the Rose Hip fruit that makes the oil was grown in his home country of Chile. After some research and searching throughout Chile to find the best supplier of Rose Hip Oil, he launched a minimalist Eco-Friendly skincare company using Chilean Rose Hip Oil as its flagship product.

Evela is a minimalist skincare company that sources the best natural and organic ingredients and merges them with a love of design and fashion, whilst being built on a foundation of being Eco-Friendly. Our Oil is pressed in Chile and our entire supply chain is Australian, everything from bottle to packaging to the mailing bag is Australian.

Evela is an Eco-Friendly company. Every aspect of the supply chain aims to take sustainability into consideration. Our Chilean Rose Hip Oil is bottled in amber glass bottles which are reusable and also recyclable. It is packaged in recycled Kraft paper boxes that can be recycled again. Our recycled shipping boxes have no branding so you can reuse them again and our mailing bags are compostable.

Our future includes a product range of minimalist products combining high quality ingredients, an Eco-Friendly ethos and a modern design approach. As Eco-technology improves, so will improvements in products and the company with regards to sustainability.