Evela Eco + Notes


Everything involved in our product has been designed with being Eco-Friendly in mind. Every step has been taken into concern as to avoid wastage.

In efforts to ensure sustainability we prefer you reuse rather than recycle.

The bottles are recyclable but we prefer you reuse them. Click here on how to clean.

Recycled Kraft paper is used to wrap the bottle package to protect it when it’s sent to you. Please recycle, reuse as wrapping or use as scrap paper.

Our shipping box is smaller than the average shipping box and purposefully left blank for you to reuse with no logo or imagery. If you don’t need it, then please recycle.

Our shipping boxes are sent in mailing bags which are necessary as without them, the boxes are not treated as fragile. However our mailing bags are compostable and in a standard compost heap, will degrade in 3-6 months. It will degrade regardless, albeit at a slower pace even if not put in a compost heap.

The invoices you receive are also printed on 100% recycled carbon neutral FSC certified paper with inkjet printers as opposed to laser printers which are not environmentally friendly.

Our Rose Hip Oil is from Chile, but our entire supply chain is Australian. That means everything you touch from bottle to your mailing bag is from Australia.


We didn't choose this oil solely because the founder is Chilean, but we've found that the best Rose Hip Oil comes from Chile when grown near the Andes Mountains.

This is an organic oil and will eventually oxidise and lose its effect, so once opened we recommend you use it within 6 months, although if you use it everyday, it shouldn't last you more than 3 months.

To help it last longer, make sure you don't leave the bottle opened when unused, exposure to oxygen will make it oxidise faster.


We prefer the dropper for a few reasons. The dropper is easier to recycle and reuse. It's easier to clean and reuse for a variety of reasons and people seem to like having a dropper around. It's more controlled than a pump as you only need 2-3 drops of Chilean Rose Hip Oil whereas pumps tend to over deliver and waste too much oil. The biggest reason for opting for droppers though is we found through personal experience that the oil oxidises faster in a pump and loses its effect. Our oil will oxidise if you leave the bottle open all the time, but we found that pumps do it regardless at a faster rate than droppers.


If you want to reuse the bottle and wish to remove the label, first, peel the label off, and to get rid of the residue, use a cloth or pad and eucalyptus oil. To finalise it to be reused and to get rid of the eucalyptus oil, rinse it in water with dishwasher detergent. Allow to air dry and then it's ready to be reused.

To reuse the dropper. Cycle the dropper through water with a detergent solution then cycle it through water.

You can also recycle it completely but we prefer you reuse it as we like sustainability.

In the future we hope to have a system where you can send the bottles back so we can reuse them or refill them for you.


We have an entire range coming with some unique products despite our minimalist approach. We just want them to be perfect and so far our moisturizer, hand cream and eye cream has hit that level and we are still working on the rest.

Expect a moisturizer, gel cleanser, cream cleanser, exfoliator, mask, hand cream and eye cream very soon. More unique products to launch after.